The need for male pushing is among the big questions about male chastity and orgasm denial – meaning, could it be necessary or desirable to drain the prostatic by means besides full orgasm to keep the man’s wellness?

Male Milking – The Myth

The actual myth of male pushing is it needs to be done once a month Otherwise. And when you read almost any blog or forum this is the assistance you’ll find.

But the truth can there be is no persuasive medical evidence I have been able to find to recommend a man’s prostate needs to be milked in any way, never mind once a month. The actual available research I’ve had the opportunity to find is just not convincing either way – some research shows a benefit to regular prostate draining; some demonstrate opposing.

It looks like this misconception has been promulgated mainly because it’s exactly what “everyone knows” and so it is constantly repeated and strengthened.

That said, prostate pushing does no damage, might have some health advantages, and is both pleasurable as well as frustrating for the folk (which makes it worth performing! ).

So here are 3 ways to accomplish.

External Male Pushing

You can do this with your man on all fours and getting him into a highly excited condition, and then carefully stroking and massaging his well-lubricated perineum together with your fingers. This is the soft place between his anus and the rearmost component of his ball sack.

You don’t need much pressure here for this and you can be sure your man will be moaning, moaning and begging for release.

When it comes it feels (to him) a little like urinating. It successfully empties his prostate but does not provide him the pleasure of an orgasm. This is the method I use for milking my very own husband, every single couple of months.

Internal Male Pushing

With regard to internal male milking you massage the prostate by itself through the walls from the rectum, utilizing your finger or perhaps a dedicated massaging gadget like the Aneros. This clearly means you have you stick some thing in there!

A type of anal play plenty of lube is definitely an complete must and the rule is usually to go gradually and be gentle.

Several women prefer to whole milk their men in this way due to the extra humiliation it causes the indegent folk.

As with external prostate pushing, that does not give your man the satisfaction of orgasm, but does leave him sensation frustrated.

Ruined Orgasm

And finally, in case you can’t be bothered with the pushing (it all does take time as well as effort), a ruined orgasm is an effective way to empty his prostatic. All you need to do is get him to the point where his orgasm has actually began, and then QUIT all stimulation.

He’ll hate it, believe me, because it’s so frustrating for him. You may desire to secure his hands before you do that, if you do not, then he WILL touch themselves to “finish off”, I actually guarantee. It’s so frustrating, he will not be able Never to.

Getting male milking right is important for making the male chastity lifestyle work with both of you.

So… click the blue link as well as claim your FREE male chastity guide and find out inescapable fact regarding male chastity.

But HURRY! I’m giving out this Guide to anyone who visits my website. Whenever you’re seriously interested in male chastity, be sure to obtain it as soon as you could.

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86 Responses to “Male Milking – Prostate Pushing Tips for Men in Orgasm Denial”

  • Rishabh Bajpai says:

    Wondering steps to make one for me personally and girl to complete some denial play. She loves to dominate me. Therefore if anybody has any clue publish it links, or info

  • clntvrrt says:

    I believe it’s our animal character. Since all males within the animal kingdom will often have to compete for mates, those who obtain a mate possess a edge against your competitors over ones that do not.

  • sick_mick_101 says:

    I’m searching for a lady chastity belt. I’ve discovered many great places to purchase male devices, however i require a female one. Knowing of anywhere that sells them fairly cheap which are conferable. It will likely be worn for lengthy amounts of time so confert is important.

    Thanks ahead of time,


  • clntvrrt says:

    Can there be much emphasis placed on male chastity, or do people mainly concentrate on keeping women pure? Like conservative christian believers, hindus, or muslims

  • The Dark Knight says:

    Matthew 19:4: “Haven’t you read,” he responded, “that at the start the Creator ‘made them men and women.’”

    Mark 10:6: “But at the outset of creation God ‘made them men and women.’”

    If that’s the case, are we able to conclude that nobody is predestined to exclusive same-sex attraction, that is a temptation to serious sin?

  • Clayton Cottrell says:

    my husband and i’ve been married for nine years during the last 6 several weeks ive been keeping him in chastity letting himn out for sex every 1-2 days however hes been worrying about being horny alot recently. will pushing his prostate reduce his libido.

  • ademuth93 says:

    I understand many people put on “promise rings” to exhibit chastity, but should chastity include kissing too?

    What is your opinion? I have seen many people who think kissing–and much more– before marriage is right, although some make an arguement that simply kissing before marriage is okay, plus some think total chastity is better.


    What exactly are your ideas around the modern male chastity device? Can you put one in your bf/husband if he requested? Can you ever request him? Do you consider there’d be advantages to controlling as he is permitted to produce?

  • diggn4richez says:

    Ladies, how familiar are you currently with male chastity by using men chastity device? Could it be something you’d find fun or very helpful inside your relationship, or isn’t it something which interests your or perhaps your partner?

  • Lachlan says:

    I am a 15 years old boy and that i would like to purchase a male chastity i understand self pleasuring is alright… however i really want to stop i believe i actually do it to much.. also i must prevent myself from making love. help me.. thanks.

  • Brody S says:

    I swear, each time men dog sees my adorable lab, they would like to add too much smelling her booty, trying to ascertain if she’s “in warmth”. She’s already submissive to ensure that does not help. Does she still hand out pheromones or signals that they is submissive or can the alpha males just tell? Thanks.

  • sarah w says:

    I am talking about this type of male chastity belt or similar: http://world wide

  • kass9191 says:

    I’ve observed mostly where youthful lady are worried they appear to become substantially more available to things considered once kink for example men and women chastity products bisexuality role and gender reversal strap on fetishes so on and so forth why do you consider it has happen? What is your opinion?

  • Joe T says:

    i’ve 2 locks if necissary but i wish to determine if anybody understands how to create a cheap, comfterbal, and good male chastity. please know if so.

  • Jenna says:

    Males abstaining from sexual relation until they got married. I understand this really is more prevalent among women, but how can you experience males carrying this out?

  • Squall Leonhart says:

    Why become a religion that enables your husband to obtain other spouses if he so selects?

    I have met lots of youthful Saudi males who say they cannot wait to have their 4 spouses – when their duration of chastity has ended.

  • Smashing Pumpkins says:

    im self pleasuring every single day,i wish to stop that bad habit,my buddies suggest to put on male chastity to prevent self pleasuring..its so good idea?

  • Sahil says:

    i’ve got a female corn lizard and i’m considering obtaining a Male Milk lizard i’ve heard gossips that it may be easy to breed the 2 together to obtain a hybrid lizard. is the fact that true or would one of these get rid of the other

  • JimT says:

    When the female gerbil will get pregnant while she’s still nursing her puppies, does it modify the mother or even the baby gerbils? Will she not produce just as much milk? Will the puppies be neglected? What’s going to happen if she gives birth as the other litter isn’t fully grown and it has not attended a house yet? Help!

  • Brian says:

    I’ve just discovered my male cat has hard nips however i cant locate them, where could they be?

  • slipknot0129 says:

    They let their women to become kissed or perhaps be bumped by other males.

    They’re modern and awesome. What’s the origin of the civilized behavior? eating pork or consuming wine?

    The only real concern of christian males is money and ales. You are able to touch their women although not their food.

    I must become them. Must I become Christianity being as awesome as them?

  • Taylor G says:

    cb 6000 is male chastity device, how can i purchase it in india or online. I’m located in chennai. Can there be any way possible to purchase without needing my charge card. Can there be any shops in India? If any is selling these type of things plz do let me know.

    If anyone bought any adult sex toys please share it here.

  • toast says:

    I think it would be great sometimes to have chemical castration, or a chastity belt to keep away the darkside of male puberty. The overwhelming sexual feelings, the masturbation, the unwanted attention that girls receive from guys when the guys go through puberty.

    Anybody can answer if you ever thought just for a moment they might be a good idea. I am not advocating this but from time to time wished I could have escaped the feelings.

  • Xedo says:

    Should you google male chastity you will find that you will find securing products that may lock your genital area to avoid intercourse. Should males in jail need to put on them combat the awful rape condition in prisons?

  • Milk84 says:

    my girlfriend whisper these items in my experience inside a club yesterday. is there something related to to be the only whitened guy that the gym has?

  • Denali says:

    In ancient days males were putting on female dresses,hairpieces & then doing female constitute for enjoying female roles.Why not women?That which was the main reason?Optimum of these weren’t searching just like a real female.Why women weren’t allowed to experience role in drama?This tradition has become available too in couple of towns.

  • ScRSC says:

    I’ve got a question for that women here. And So I seem like I’ve been getting an excessive amount of extracurricular activities (Avoid other women simply by myself). Personally i think this really is bad and wish to save myself in my wife only.

    And So I recommended men chastity device to her and getting her contain the secrets to ensure that I’m able to only bet additional numbers when she would like to. She got very mad and stated it had been strange and super disgusting. I recognize this is not going to take place now but I’m wondering do nearly all women feel this same manner? It appears so innocent and merely something to make use of in my experience! What is your opinion?

    I’ll agree it’s a little wierd and various. I’ve attempted to prevent like everybody is recommending but guess my drive is simply too strong in my self-discipline :( I understand she trusts me and it has pointless to not I really like her and her only. So far as urinating lol they’re made so that you can live an ordinary existence lol

    @SheLoves I do not feel it’s bad whatsoever. It’s something I’ve been doing daily at least during the last 20+ years. I simply feel should i be not doing the work everything energy could be focused inside my wife rather :)

    @SheLoves I do not feel it’s bad whatsoever. It’s something I’ve been doing daily at least during the last 20+ years. I simply feel should i be not doing the work everything energy could be focused inside my wife rather :)

  • veemodz says:

    i’ve 2 baby goat’s. Money and doe.

    We havent “fixed” either yet because we’re thinking about breeding later on

    everybody states its harmful on her to conceive to early. She’s not gone into warmth yet and that i shouldn’t separate them till i’ve too.

    Could it be the action of sex or birth that’s harmful.

    Will they make chastity devices for goat’s?? What is the way additional without having taking them from one another. At some point can i separate them

    and just what from my question to be a caring concerned dog owner would make you let me know to not have kids?

  • jag43216 says:

    I am knowledgeable it’s not legal, and that i don’t have any intention to do this (I am not really a parent or gaurdian). I had been just curious if this sounds like something would consider as a kind of prevention or perhaps a type of punishment for any if perhaps you are teen (either man or woman, you will find devices designed for both.) I understand speaking for your teen is the greatest option, but generally they appear to undergo by using it anyway. What is your opinion?

  • davemc74656 says:

    I love th eidea of utilizing male chastity however the CB 2000, 300 etc are Ssssssoooo exppensive. What are the cheaper ones or has anybody another hands one. I dont care if it is second hands as lengthy because it works

  • ibjammin44 says:

    We happen to be considering buying us a chastity device. Although she isn’t a complete domme both of us enjoy tease and denial and also incorporate chastity into this. Does anybody have knowledge about male chastity products? If what exactly can you recommend?

  • zaclo says:

    I’m searching for both men and women british names that will easily fit in the Victorian times.

  • Ramblin Spirit says:

    My home is the united kingdom, and I am 14 and wish to put on one. No-a person’s forcing me, though.

  • RuMKilleR says:

    If you google male chastity there are metal devices the penis can be locked up in that prevents sexual activity. Should these devices be installed on prisoners to fight the rape problem?

  • Orbit says:

    How can women and ladies experience men remaining a virgin till marriage and just what are they going to think about a man of he said excitedly he was at chastity till she got married?

    Also, are they going to date him even when they understood they would not be making love?

  • Mark M says:

    I’ve got a presentation on Wednesday around the medieval good reputation for chastity devices. The only real websites I’m able to find are bdsm sites, and my college library is useless. I understand this really is most likely not likely to help, but here is a last ditch effort before I am going and cry to my prof…lol.

  • Erin says:

    This can be a totally hypothetical question. I’ve no set on carrying this out to anybody (I am not really a parent.) Also, this is not gender-specific since you will find devices designed for males and women. I understand lots of parents do not want their teens to become if perhaps you are, yet many prefer to get anyway. How would you act if the would be a legal process as well as your parents made a decision to perhaps you have anchored?

  • Echo says:

    I can tell this place is really a dead loss.

  • Salam says:

    Cousin’s kid…

    He’s low IQ, handful of grade levels behind, and it has tried it in school, and before visitors.

    Should circumcision be threatened? Or simply done if he can’t hold back until he’s in the room alone to experience by using it? His momma really wants to threaten him when he can’t learn how to wait then she will obtain a physician to snip it also it will not feel just like previously, and it’ll hurt.

    What about securing his penis inside a male chastity device in the adult fetish sites? Could there is a practical purpose? I believe securing his goods up as they reaches school might be the easiest method to go.

  • Mark M says:

    I possess a cb3000, nevertheless its much less comfortable and slips off. I am considering obtaining the careful mistress. Anybody have suggestions?

  • Ed D says:

    Or her male relatives chose him on her. And When she does not like him can she let her know father that they does not wish to marry him or she’ll be punished if she gave her opinion?

  • Cole says:

    surgery being male?

  • Jose B says:

    I’ve always loved British period dramas in the romantic and Victorian era, whether it be literature or film, including Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Wuthering Heights, and recently, the television show Downton Abbey. I have always been curious about male chastity when entering into marriage… Although women were expected to be virgins when they were married, were men as well? Or did many of the men (especially upper class men) have mistresses or use prostitutes beforehand, behind the scenes? I am just curious about this because to me, it seems unlikely that young men would wait so long to have sex. Is there any information out there about this? Thank you so much in advance for your answers!

  • maskills24 says:

    so im a 18 years old university student having a masturbation problem. im highly hooked on it and masturbate 4-6 occasions each day its destroying my grades because its all i’m able to consider. so im considering investing the 200$ for any male chastity device id most likely provide the secrets to some friend without explanation i know he’ll go for this without many questions. in whatever way im wondering otherwise getting use of my penis will reduce my libido before long. so would this simply make me horneir or would the long-term insufficient access would hlep me focus.

  • Rkmc says:

    Switch on network television throughout prime time any evening each week, and note the statistically excess of-symbolized gays.

    If there’s always been exactly the same quantity of gays, there’s grounds we’re being given this propaganda that they’re more widespread compared to what they really are.

    Watch any sitcom and then try to find the best whitened male example any longer. You will find none. They’re constantly described as bumbling yet adorable oafs, or psychos.

  • rashest_hippo says:

    She does not believe me when shes not around, and wish to keep me under locksmith.

  • supernerd567 says:

    I am 15 male and im hooked on masturbation. i understand its normal however it makes me act sexual with each and every girl i understand and merely makes me feel below par. i wanna stop. i recognized its an issue after i considered it and observed i havent gone a lot more than five days without having done it by 50 percent years. i simply wanna stop. any ideas, i already attempted carrying out a hobby and things like than. thanks men

  • evil chevy says:

    I am just saying if gay individuals are punished by God (supposed) then how about hermorphordites. I do not see anything within the bible which cover this. A number of individuals individuals need procedures plus they still have no idea

    which strategy is up. As well as people like Chastity Bono?

  • thexbox360player says:

    What exactly is it, and where do you turn by using it?

  • Kristian says:

    I believe we have all attended school using the 13 years old girl who stored coming to have sexual intercourse with grown males about 20 and only became pregnant or perhaps a horrible disease. I understood a couple of of individuals. Should her mother have the authority to put her inside a belt which makes sexual intercourse impossible during these extreme cases?

    And in addition they have male products that suit within the penis within the opposite situation.

  • kamikami says:

    any tips from individuals with experience?

  • MAK & CHEESE says:

    I had been searching at some male chastity products online. Apparently, these products prevent a guy from obtaining a full erection, a smaller amount self pleasuring or making love.

    I had been thinking about buying one that helped me to and my girlfriend abstain until marriage, since i have find it hard to wait more than one or two weeks before giving directly into masturbation or fornication.

    Will it be okay to make use of one of these simple products until I am married? For anybody is does not understand what these products are, here’s an amazon . connect to one.

    http://world wide . phrases=male+chastity+products

    I am serious people. Hopefully some mature solutions is going to be published soon. *sighs*

  • Oilers says:

    I lately got really intetested in male chastity products, the only real factor is the fact that they are quite costly for me personally. Does anybody know where I’m able to buy a high quality one for an excellent cost?

  • Samuro says:

    Female genital mutilation and male circumscision may not be in comparison with one another when it comes to the final results for that sufferers.

    While both of them are a kind of child abuse, the effects of 1 for that mental and physical well-being of the baby far over-shadow the effects from the other (on balance).

    Now before you decide to jump lower my throats and think I’m promoting male circumsision, I’m not. I believe that it is a kind of child abuse.

    However, when individuals get all annoyed about one bringing in a lot more outrage compared to other, I really hope they comprehend the fundamental variations.

    Listed here are a couple of choose points. You will find many.

    FGM is rooted in gender inequality, cultural identity, ideas about wholesomeness, modesty, appearance, status and recognition, and tries to control women’s sexuality by reduction of their sexual interest, therefore marketing chastity and fidelity.

    Women who bleed excessively are occasionally seen as ghouls.

    The effects of FGM may include recurrent urinary and vaginal infections, chronic discomfort, infertility, fatal hemorrhaging, epidermoid growths, and complications throughout giving birth.

    FGM is usually completed without anaesthesia, using unsterile cutting products for example knives, shavers, scissors, cut glass, sharp rocks, and finger nails, and using suturing material for example agave or acacia thorns.

    The process is very painful along with a bleeding complication could be fatal. Other immediate complications include acute urinary retention, urinary infection, wound infection, septicemia, tetanus, and just in case of unsterile and used again instruments, hepatitis and Aids

    The development of scars and keloids can result in strictures, obstruction or fistula formation from the urinary and genital areas.

    Harm to urethra and bladder with infections and incontinence.

    Vaginal and pelvic infections, dysmenorrhea, dyspareunia and infertility.

    Complete obstruction from the vagina leads to hematocolpos and hematometra.

    In females with Type III FGM who’ve developed vesicovaginal or rectovaginal fistulae – holes that enables urine and faeces to seep in to the vagina – it is not easy to acquire obvious urine samples included in prenatal care making detecting certain conditions harder, for example preeclampsia.[

    Third-degree laceration, rectal sphincter damage, and emergency caesarean section tend to be more common in FGM women compared to controls.

    Neonatal mortality is elevated in females with FGM.

    Which doesn’t even range from the actual cruelty from the procedure itself which requires days of recovery and impacts her health insurance and wellness for that relaxation of her existence.

    EDS, wow, some excellent solutions here. I honestly don’t know who to select for BA.

  • veemodz says:

    Can there be much emphasis placed on male chastity, or do people mainly concentrate on keeping women pure? Quite simply, can there be still the double standard

    I understand scriptures advocate men and women chastity equally. I am speaking about how exactly it’s seen used

  • Samuro says:

    Wouldn’t it hurt? Is it feasible? Please no sarcastic comments.

    Thanks :)

  • Sergio says:

    My pal just moved along with me and that we have dogs. My dog absolutely hates when other dogs difficulty him and will get nasty but before long he will get so fed up with it he just surrenders because her dog literally won’t stop humping him. After I yet at him to prevent he is constantly on the difficulty the environment. Everything is unmanageable. His constant humping is driving many of us crazy especially my dog. He isn’t neutered while he is purebred and she’ll breed him when hes of sufficient age but we have to develop a method to make him stop. He has been marking therefore we got just like a dog chastity belt factor to avoid him from marking all around the apartment. This case is draining my energy constantly needing to yell at him and prevent him from doing both things. Anybody have suggestions of products we are able to do? I’d greatly be thankful!!!

  • Caltel T says:

    What’s my crime? Cant deny this, or even the invention of chastity devices.

  • Xedo says:

    I am a male virgin that’s attractive and dates but I wish to keep my virginity in my future wife when i have religious convictions. Can there be anybody available that will encourage a virgin guy to remain this way and employ men chastity device to assist him remain a virgin while dating till marriage?

  • Dr Hank says:

    Forgive my lack of knowledge, so ladies have the authority to decline marriage if your male suitor proposes?

  • Paul M says:

    So I am a 16 years old christian male and I am very enthusiastic about sexual wholesomeness. I’ve got a great hate for that sexualisation from the media in present day society. But since divorce of my parents and my dad’s confession of homosexuality, I have been stuck in hole of masturbation and pornography. Although I have been fighting it during the last 3 years, I can not appear to visit without them for just about any more than per month. If there’s any advice or hints/tips about smashing the cycle… I am dying to understand!

  • Mistry says:

    I am 16 years of age, I masturbate alot and i am worried that it is annoying me from soccer practice and stuff. I learned about a 15 years old whos father placed him in chastity which hes better for this now.

  • RuMKilleR says:

    Lately, my girlfriend and I’ve been searching at male chastity products as a way for adding a little of spice into our relationship. Not too there’s anything wrong, it simply seems like it may be quite erotic. I’m much more of a grower than the usual shower and so do been searching in the CB6000 selection of items but wondered if anybody has any advice or sights about this subject?

  • balinderk2000 says:

    Me and my husband happen to be married nearly five years now so we love one another greatly, however just lately he found me with the thought of chastifying his member. Now overall im little of the control freak although I honestly do put on the pants within our relationship and that i handle all of our financial matters on matters since i have am the school grad and he doesn’t work (hes an excellent husband throughout and so i allow this as lengthy because he makes me and our daughter happy and takes proper care of my home as i work) My real question is inflict other spouses feel it’s wrong to chastify your housewife husband and really should I? Your thinking are greatly appreaciated…be mature!

  • Sonny says:

    does anybody come with an tips on how to create a mae chasity device?

    that’s relatively cheap and products are available very easily…


  • Derek says:

    So I am at the office at this time and so i can’t see certain sites. But from what I have collected this CB 6000 is really a device try on some your man’s penis and that he can’t have sexual intercourse or perhaps masturbate without your approval b/c you will find the answer to it. Is that this correct? And performs this factor actually work?

    *evil grin* i would buy my husband a gift lol

    lol what is a shill??? But yea i learned about it out of this lady Sometimes with. My guy would most likely kick my ass for purchasing that lol however i guess some do where it

    i question can he pee by using it on??? and thank you for individuals links! will certainly check em after i go back home

    lol no i am not really a shilly willy lmao i possibly could imagine someone doing somethin like this. like individuals internet dating sites that say “come take a look at my private photos” it goes to some pay site. individuals friggin jerks

    thanks princess! and thank all everyone

  • Chester says:

    Are you currently putting on a chastity device? Would you contain the answer to another person’s chastity device? For the way lengthy (and/or the number of people)? I would like to get an understanding of who’s into male chastity or maybe I am alone within my interest.

    I’d love to be aware what type of device you use.

    T F, interesting answer. You’re super lucky to possess a girlfriend who’s into chastity keyholding. Does she appreciate it for herself or simply get it done to help you happy? Two several weeks isn’t any small task. Did you need to come as much as that? Have you got a blog or perhaps a twitter feed where I (we) can on your encounters? I’ll go take a look at that device now.

  • fattiemanny says:

    My spouse and mother inlaw who’re the mind from the household keep me inside a chastity device and so i stay faithful to my spouse with no masterbaution makes us a better guy and lover.

    My mother in law is widowed and lives around. I’m within my mid thirties. Own my very own buissness. Mother in law ruled the roost at her home and it is teaching my spouse. I’ve grew to become more atteative to my wifes needs and her wants it has introduced us closer and much more commited to one another.

  • toysruslover says:

    How do i convince my hubby to put on a chastity device for me personally on weekends?

    case to boost our sex existence. I dont have trouble with him cheating or me being insecure. Only a tease and also the satisfaction of understanding that hes saving themself for me personally…together with his consent obviously.

  • Joe M says:

    We’ve both read how male chastity result in the guy a lot more mindful towards the lady. You will find several good chastity products available on the market that may be worn 7×24 as well as for a long period to assist control the man’s capability to self satisfy.

  • John says:

    Ok, i’ve got a cb6000 and i wish to make certain my boyfriend doesn’t get from it whatsoever. Its made from a durible plastic and contains a genuine padlock. I’m wondering since its full-time wearinf, what exactly are some factor i’m able to do in order to the lock or even the device to make certain he dont reach oppurtunity to try and remove it, or perhaps the considered trying to do this is scratched from his mind as he examines it? Anybody available prepared to share ideas? Bear in mind its plastic type device but is built to put on 24/7 and i wish to make certain that occurs.

  • Cupcakerum says:

    A gril need to know basically would put on one when we met up,and I have not learn about men chastity belt.What exactly do you consider,Indeed or no and just what could they be

  • Cole says:

    I’m deeply deeply in love with my girlfriend which is heading towards marriage

    at another time. My lovely lady has requested me to put on a chasitity belt as

    an actual manifestation of dedication to her.

    Her parents who’re from the very lower status arabic country each needed to put on a chastity belt until thier big event, after which these were unlocked and removed permanently by her moms

    parents in the ceremony.

    Since my girlfriend began menstrating she has been created to put on her moms old chastity belt by her parents plus they contain the key.

    Because it is a really old-style it’s very bulky and high and also the locks

    even increase the weight, in order I really like her a lot I deeply admire her

    on her committment to her parents which she wears it without ever


    I’m now needing to determine if I’ll allow her father to suit his old chastity belt in my experience so that as together with her belt allow her parents to carry the important thing.

    I’m greatly deeply in love with her and would not stray and so i am leaning

    towards permitting her father to place me inside it however the final decsion is difficult

    to create.

    Shall We Be Held permitting these to decide to try much control or must i get it done like a very

    strong committment to my girlfriend that has already tried it for

    me and her parents.

  • Clayton Cottrell says:

    Who here would volunteer to enter chastity for his or her wife/girlfriend? Which means you would put on a chastity tool and have orgasms controlled by their wife/girlfriend. It might be a serious committment to fidelity without a doubt. Would you’re doing so?

  • Myles says:

    Considering purchasing one and wondered if, without getting rid of, could it be still easy to provide enough stimulation to obtain relief? Could it be more/less secure compared to CB3000?

    Any men have eny knowledge about it? how comfortable and discrete will it be for daytime put on? are you able to walk normally although putting on it, and what’s it like whenever you ermmm… “grow” by using it on )

    Any girls have experience one on their own partner?


  • Seth says:

    Should you, like a Christian, think that masturbation is wrong, I would like you to definitely answer this. Should you personally could put on a chastity belt to avoid masturbation, can you utilize it?

  • Lachlan says:

    What exactly are your ideas around the modern male chastity device? Can you put one in your bf/husband if he requested? Can you ever request him? Do you consider there’d be advantages to controlling as he is permitted to produce?

    I’m speaking about getting another person control when you are able and can’t release.

  • cardskid22 says:

    Or no individuals are out consuming in Blackpool on saturday evening put on a red-colored rose and i’ll buy a drink!

  • Courtney says:

    I am thinking about men chastity device after my gf suggest trying someone to me for any little fun but what’s it like putting on one

  • Denali says:

    my gf and that i have been in a d/s relationship (she’s dominant, i’m submissive) she would like to place me in chastity. i see her on weekends and work throughout a few days. she does not want me to have the ability to touch myself throughout a few days while she’s away. we’re thinking about something similar to this:

    http://world wide

    anybody have knowledge about male chastity? either from the dominant female prospective or submissive male prospective? i’m setting it up for christmas and i wish to know what to anticipate, so how exactly does it feel, what exactly is it like each morning when you are getting a harder erection? she states i will need to sit lower to pee. i like the thought to be kinda helpless her getting the important thing to unlock me and employ me on her pleasure.

    let me know regarding your encounters :) or you haven’t tried it before are you currently curious to test it?

  • Malcolm Hudson says:

    does anybody come with an tips on how to create a mae chasity device?

    that’s relatively cheap and products are available very easily…


  • Hannah says:

    does anyone know of someone or some site that could help me with extended denial?

  • morbiusdog says:

    My bestfriend (female) and I were talking one day jokingly about a male chastity belts and one thing lead to another and we decided I’d wear one and give her the keys. I’ve read a little about what it’s like for the men, but I know next to nothing about about how the women viewed it and was wondering what it was like for the women in the relationship.

    This whole thing in a long story, is pretty much for my friend (female). How do I make this whole thing the best for her that I can?

  • Harriet W says:

    I’m considering a male chastity device after my gf suggest trying one to me for a little fun but what’s it like wearing one

  • davemc74656 says:

    Hi, I want to surprise my bf with a chastity device, just for fun, to spice up our sex life. I’m really into the ‘cbt’ things, and I looking for a great chastity device, but i cannot decide, which one should I choose:
    I read about this one a lot:
    But I find THIS one more ‘sexier’ :
    Just I ‘m afraid when I’m gonna lick his willy through the second chastity device( the chrome one,it has bigger and wider open spaces) he will easily can come…And the party is over :) )
    what do you think?

  • simply complicated says:

    First of all, I read about male chastity play online, where the man wears a lockable chastity device (sold in sex toy shops) that prevents erections/orgasms, denying him the ability to masturbate, but allows him to urinate and keep clean in the shower. It apparently started in the bdsm community, but is becoming popular with regular couples wishing to add some spice to the relationship or try something new. Basically, the idea is that as he’s denied, he becomes more and more willing to please the keyholder (wife or girlfriend) in order to get out, doing all kind of romantic things like drawing her a bubble bath or giving her massages and even pleasuring her orally on demand. She decides how long he is to stay chaste and whether he has “earned” a night out ;) It seems like most men are kept chaste for weeks at a time, depending on whether they’ve been a good boy or not.

    I’m curious if there are any women out there in what would otherwise be regular relationships practicing male chastity? How did it start and how has your experience with it been? I apologize for the choice of category, I didn’t know where else to ask this.

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